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Professor Asif Ahmed, a world-renowned scientist, was working in world-leading institutions when he decided to build the most socially inclusive medical school from scratch in a socially deprived area of Birmingham.  He earned respect and admiration from a wide sector of society for giving opportunities to students regardless of their background or nationalities. The innovation and widening participation he spearheaded is now spreading to other institutions. His new venture has since brought in a whole new sector of entrepreneurial science.


Asif’s story is inspiration to all generations. Overcoming the disadvantage of being deaf in one ear, being severely dyslexic and having ADHD that has persisted into adulthood, Asif’s drive, resilience and sense of duty has turned these disadvantages into great successes to benefit society and students.


His “groundbreaking research discoveries” that are set to transform maternal health, combined with his dogged determination to make things happen through disruptive innovation, and his authenticity has made Asif a sought-after speaker as well as a strategic advisor to visionary leaders. His impartiality and integrity is visible. He was selected as one of only 35 International Observers for the Maldives Presidential Election as part of Europe’s the Election Commission.


Over the past decade, Professor Ahmed has spoken at some of the most prestigious scientific and social events around the world. As an outstanding motivational speaker in the world of science, Asif has given talks as a keynote on a variety of topics in science and society.

Speaking Events

Professor Ahmed is invited regularly to speak at international events across the globe.​


Under lockdown in 2020, Asif was invited as a keynote speaker at the Virtual 45th Grand Hajj Symposium, Saudi Arabia. Millions around the globe viewed this event. Asif is the first British scientist to be invited to address the Grand Hajj Symposium. His talk on “Preventative Therapeutics” had over 25,000 people streaming in to listen to him and he inspired many to dream bigger and think deeper on how to deliver impactful outcomes.


Asif has the power to motivate, inspire and teach individuals on how they can improve their performance, transform their discoveries into successful start-ups and help transform lives.


Key areas of focus:


•         Translational research

​•         Diversity and Inclusivity including mental health

•         Strategy for Higher Education institutions

•         Entrepreneurship and startups

•         Motivation

•         Building resilience

•         Leadership

•         Social empowerment

•         Overcoming barriers​

Speaking events 

  • The 45th Grand Hajj Symposium 2020

  • May 2019 Life Science Conferences, KL, Malaysia

  • March 2019 India-UK Health Summit on Innovation in Health, Indian government, Birmingham, UK April 2018 

  • UK-Qatar Research Forum by the UK Science and Innovation Network in partnership with Qatar University, Doha, Qatar

My Approach

“I live my life by one basic rule; make your passion your purpose, your purpose your joy and work with people you enjoy.”

Asif Ahmed

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